Guillaume Bottazzi / Gallery Itsutsuji, Tokyo

Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha magazine / Gallery Itsutsuji
( A-YO, Claude Viallat, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Simon Hantaï, Pierre Soulages, Guillaume Bottazzi..)



Official website of Guillaume Bottazzi

Guillaume Bottazzi / le magazine “Magnifique”

Guillaume Bottazzi / Magazine Magnifique de l’année 2018




Site officiel de Guillaume Bottazzi

Inside Guillaume Bottazzi’s Wonderland

Guillaume Bottazzi – 紀堯姆.波塔茲 – ヨム・ボタジ / GLOBAL LUXURY

Art has the power to transform, to educate, to illuminate, to see our world in a whole new light. Guillaume Bottazzi, a French visual artist, has spent the last 28 years illuminating the world with his monumental site-specific works of art — which now number more than 40 around the world.

Bottazzi art Hong Kong