Guillaume Bottazzi at Brussels Artiscope Gallery

Guillaume Bottazzi’s artwork is challenging to find artistic works that can identify with both, the urbanite identity as well as the taste of the millennial generation. Challenging, but not impossible! Such is the case of the work of French visual artist – See more at: Known since 1992 for his large scale works displayed in public spaces in major cities, the Bottazzi style represents a peaceful return to traditional canons of shapes and colors after the successive counter cultural scuffles which involved the emergence of postmodernism…

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札幌宫之森美术馆 – 以寄托希望的壁画为标志的现代艺术美术馆


积极传播惊喜与创想。在该馆中庭,有时也举行展览会的招待宴会,或利用白色的墙壁举行投影展示等。面朝街道的外壁上是法国抽象派画家Guillaume Bottazzi的色彩绚丽的油画作品。2011年,东日本大地震使Guillaume决定为其预定在该美术馆举办的展览会取名为“HOPE=希望”,以表达自己的心意。作品是他在展览会开始前的近2个月里完成的。正如“希望”之名所体现的那样,作品给周边及来往的人们送去了光明。






“Guillaume Bottazzi – Recent paintings” is the artist’s fourth one-person exhibition at the Gallery Itsutsuji. Guillaume Bottazzi works a great deal in the Land of the Rising Sun. His recent works are imbued with his affinity with Japan, which has nourished his art for more than a decade.  His works are composed of intangible elements and ethereal forms. The work’s structure itself becomes the painting. The diffuse lights are in contradiction with each other, suggesting spatial organization and giving his works a feeling of strangeness.

Twelve recent works will be exhibited, including paintings 2.40 metres by 1.90 metres, from fine plaster and glue on fabric, or oil on raw linen canvas.

To date, Guillaume Bottazzi has created more than 40 artworks in public spaces and receives commissions from museums and investors like Mori and Societe Generale. His most recent creation in Japan can be seen in Sapporo on all the facades of the Miyanomori International Museum of Art, Sapporo (MIMAS); a 900 m² work that is the largest painting in Japan. The exhibition of works by Guillaume Bottazzi at MIMAS in 2011 contributed to support for the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami and for reconstruction of the affected areas.