Bottazzi – 波塔茲


顯示原圖現年45歲的當代法國藝術家紀堯姆波塔茲,17歲起拾起 筆,矢志成為出色的藝術家。他先於意大利佛羅倫斯學習繪畫,再回到法國參加比賽,此後駐居法國地區文化事務處(所分配的工作室,一直致力藝術創作。 自1992年以來,他所創作的公共藝術作品已逾四十件, 作品 …

Miyanomori International Museum of Art, Sapporo

The main building of this contemporary art museum, notable for its mural of hope, opened in November 2011.


Bottazzi art Museum Japan

This museum carries out many exhibitions and events, which primarily focus on contemporary art from the latter half of the twentieth century. It holds opening parties for exhibitions in its courtyard. At times, the building’s white walls are used projection mapping. The exterior wall facing the street features a colorful mural by the French abstract painter Guillaume Bottazzi…