Guillaume Bottazzi : edition 2017

“Take inspiration from the outside rather than from within”, said the philosopher François Dagognet.

This approach should apply to art. Art should take new paths, regenerate itself, provide something unexpected and surprising. It should turn up where it is not necessarily expected and accompany us every day, because art contributes to our personal development, helps us to live and stimulates our creativity.

When he spoke of his preference for soft forms, Gaston Bachelard drew attention to hand-made works. Their specific nature introduces tactile qualities. Living materials soften our environment and stimulate our desires.

My works do not impose representation or even my own emotions. Art is not reality, but it sustains reality by subliming it. Like Kandinsky’s paintings, my works change, reincarnate and evolve. The impression of presence and absence stimulates our creativity. Art can transcend civilisations and give rise to infinite movement.


Edition 2017

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Guillaume Bottazzi sur la Trois “L’invitation” magazine culturel

Guillaume Bottazzi sur la Trois “L’invitation” magazine culturel

Prochaine diffusion TV : Vendredi 17 Février à 12h20

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Guillaume Bottazzi : Les couleurs du tableau se déclineront pace Jourdan

Les couleurs du tableau de Guillaume Bottazzi, pace Jourdan, se déclineront sur le mobilier urbain


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Guillaume Bottazzi: 16 Meter High Painting in Brussels

Guillaume Bottazzi: 16 Meter High Painting in Brussels


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New Year 2017 / Guillaume Bottazzi

New Year 2017 / Guillaume Bottazzi




abstract artist Guillaume Bottazzi / DW – Deutsch Welle

abstract artist Guillaume Bottazzi  /  DW – Deutsch Welle

The French muralist, who has made Belgium his home for the last six years, has been working on his latest project in Brussels at Place Jourdan, in the EU district, since the end of October, in partnership with the European Commission and the French Embassy…



Guillaume Bottazzi : Mural Painter

Guillaume Bottazzi  Bruzz Radio “The Bulletin radio show on Bruzz  ” – Interview by Richard Harris

Mural Painter with a Healing Touch by audioBoom

French mural painter Guillaume Bottazzi is bringing his art to Etterbeek’s Place Jourdan in a big way: a 7 meter wide by 16 meter tall mural which he is painting entirely by himself. He is inviting everyone to come down and watch him at work. And, in two months when the mural is complete we will be able to enjoy its anxiety-lowering effects “akin to dopamine.” The renovations scheduled for the Place Jourdan will be colour-coordinated with the mural.