Guillaume Bottazzi : Showing the process

Guillaume Bottazzi : Showing the process of 215m² painting in Paris, La Défense, At the foot of D2 Tower – Access : passerelle Alsace


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A 216 square meters at the foot of the D2 Tower in the district of “La Défense”.This polyptych, compound of 6 canvas of 6m x 6m each,  takes place in the artistic path of Paris La Défense.

Acces from passerelle Alsace

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Guillaume Bottazzi : Enamels on glasses

Guillaume Bottazzi : Enamels on glasses

Ile de France
Art in-situ
14 pieces : Each 1.60 x 0,8m
Private order 2015 ©

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Guillaume Bottazzi – Enamels on glass, Paris

Guillaume Bottazzi © Serigraph 
Site-specific artwork – Enamels on glass, Paris 7ème

bottazzi_od copie

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Guillaume Bottazzi – Paris 14ème

Guillaume Bottazzi ©

Oil on canvas – 1.80 x 0,9m – Paris 14ème

In process