Guillaume Bottazzi à Bruxelles

Guillaume Bottazzi sur la place Jourdan à Bruxelles
Tableau vierge de 16 m x 7 m


Guillaume Bottazzi : Tableau monumental à Bruxelles

Guillaume Bottazzi : Tableau monumentale place Jourdan à Bruxelles




Famous French artist Guillaume Bottazzi will create a monumental artwork in Brussels that is going to highlight his exhibition at the city’s Artiscope Gallery. The piece will be created at the emblematic Place Jourdan, which is widely considered as the most “European” of all Brussels public squares. This modern square is located in the so-called “Brussels bubble” – at the edge of the European District of the Brussels-Capital and it’s a place popular both among Belgians and members of the European Parliament and other officials of the EU institutions. In 2017, the Place Jourdan will be renovated by the commune and the Bottazzi’s artwork will contribute to the improvement of the space. The transformation of this public area is a joint project realized by the Federal State and the Brussels-Capital Region with the aim of enhancing the prestige of Brussels as the capital of Belgium and also – of Europe. Guillaume Bottazzi will be working on the piece for about two months in order to complete the project…


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Guillaume Bottazzi, solo show in Brussels

Guillaume Bottazzi, solo show in Brussels on BLOUINARTINFO

The exhibition will open on October 3 and run through October 29, 2016.



Guillaume Bottazzi at Brussels Artiscope Gallery

Guillaume Bottazzi’s artwork is challenging to find artistic works that can identify with both, the urbanite identity as well as the taste of the millennial generation. Challenging, but not impossible! Such is the case of the work of French visual artist – See more at: Known since 1992 for his large scale works displayed in public spaces in major cities, the Bottazzi style represents a peaceful return to traditional canons of shapes and colors after the successive counter cultural scuffles which involved the emergence of postmodernism…

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Guillaume Bottazzi /maakt monumentale muurschildering

De Franse kunstenaar Guillaume Bottazzi heeft de opdracht gekregen om het Jourdanplein in Etterbeek aan te kleden met een monumentale muurschildering.

Het project is het resultaat van een samenwerking tussen de federale overheid en het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest en kadert in de bredere plannen om van het plein een meer aantrekkelijke plek te maken, en Brussel te promoten als Europese hoofdstad. ..




Un tableau monumental de Guillaume Bottazzi à Bruxelles

Un tableau monumental de Guillaume Bottazzi à Bruxelles sur RTBF

L’artiste français Guillaume Bottazzi, qui dispose d’ateliers en France et en Belgique, réalisera pendant près de deux mois, sous les yeux du public et sans la moindre assistance, un tableau de 16 mètres de haut et 7 mètres de large sur l’emblématique place Jourdan à Bruxelles (Etterbeek), a-t-on appris lundi…

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