French May 2016 introduces the event Guillaume BottazziWonderland. This exhibition will inspire the viewers to explore the unreal world in which they can look into their imagination and creativity. Guillaume Bottazzi will bring us pleasure and the sense of well-being in his exhibition that occurs in the time of the troubling occurrences and detachment in our modern-day world. His works invite us to let go of our inhibitions and dare to dream and be free again, without thinking about the imposed social constructs that demand a certain etiquette in communication with our fellow humans. The very title of this Guillaume Bottazzi exhibition, Wonderland, evokes the feeling of child-like freedom and daydreaming that we somehow forgot in the chase for prestige of adulthood.

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Not Yet Seen in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Central Library is the host of this exhibition in its 565 square meter space. This is the first Guillaume Bottazzi show in the city. He will show twenty-three of his most recent paintings, never before seen in Hong Kong, and they will include the works which are three by two meters, and two by two meters in scale…

Wonderland and Other Dreams

Guillaume Bottazzi has exhibited his works in public spaces before, and has produced more than forty large-scale works, including his largest painting in Japan for MIMAS, the Miyanomori International Museum of Art. His latest artwork is the astounding 200 square meter painting, displayed at the artistic path of Paris La Défense, which is the biggest open-air contemporary art space in all of France….

Guillaume Bottazzi Exhibition

Wonderland will be displayed at Hong Kong Central Library from May 21st to June 5th, 2016, as a part of Le French May. Le French May is one of the foremost cultural events in Asia, with more than one million visitors each year and over 120 programs shown over the course of two months….

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