Guillaume Bottazzi – 14 pieces

Guillaume Bottazzi © Private commissioned
In process : Enamels on glasses – 14 pieces, each 1.60 x 0,8m


Hubret Robert’s exhibition in the Louvre

A true man of the Enlightenment and one of the greatest creators of poetic images, Hubert Robert followed a remarkable artistic path that led him from Rome in the mid-18th century to the French court, where he produced some of the most spectacular decors in the brilliant decade that preceded the Revolution…


Guillaume Bottazzi : Visuals..

Guillaume Bottazzi : Visuals..


Guillaume Bottazzi’s visuals on zenfolio

Guillaume Bottazzi‘s visuals on zenfolio



Guillaume Bottazzi : in process

Guillaume Bottazzi © A new project on a ceiling will appear soon – in process