Ellsworth Kelly, one of America’s great 20th-century abstract artists,died on Sunday

Ellsworth Kelly, one of America’s great 20th-century abstract artists, who in the years after World War II shaped a distinctive style of American painting by combining the solid shapes and brilliant colors of European abstraction with forms distilled from everyday life, died on Sunday at his home in Spencertown, N.Y. He was 92…


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Guillaume Bottazzi “Beauty will save the world”

Guillaume Bottazzi “Beauty will save the world”


In 2016 art could bring us somewhere else…

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Guillaume Bottazzi : Enamels on glasses

Guillaume Bottazzi : Enamels on glasses

Ile de France
Art in-situ
14 pieces : Each 1.60 x 0,8m
Private order 2015 ©

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Guillaume Bottazzi – Enamels on glass, Paris

Guillaume Bottazzi © Serigraph 
Site-specific artwork – Enamels on glass, Paris 7ème

bottazzi_od copie

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Guillaume Bottazzi – Paris 14ème

Guillaume Bottazzi ©

Oil on canvas – 1.80 x 0,9m – Paris 14ème

In process